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faq-icon.png Cellular Phones Technical Questions
  • My iPhone is not responding to the touch

    If you iPhone is not responding to your finger movement on your touch screen, the problem is either on your iPhone digitizer or defective logic board.  In this case, we recommend that you contact one of our technicians for absolutely free diagnostic advises.

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  • iPhone battery charging tips

    In order for your iphone battery charged more effectively, you have to understand how to conserve your iphone power according to Apple's tips on how to conserve battery life. If you have done everything that was suggested and still not getting a better mileage on your battery, then it's time to have your battery replaced.

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  • My iPhone 4 glass is cracked, can you just replace the iPhone glass?

    Technically, we will replace just the iPhone 4 glass if we can.  Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 LCD Display is glued to its glass & digitizer. Any attempts to separate the LCD from the front panel can break the LCD display easily.  So, if you break the glass then we will have to replace the glass, digitizer and LCD as a whole assembly.

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  • 'Blank, White' screen on my iPhone

    If your iPhone has no picture (blank) or has a 'white' screen.   The chance is your LCD display is not functioning and needs to be replaced.

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