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The long-awaited iPhone 4 / 4S logo 'flashing' mod kit coming soon.

Currently we are looking for Resellers & Installers at all major cities in Canada and US.

(minium order of 50 pcs per order)



Easy to install


  • Our new and improved kit is easy to install so you can do it right in the comfort of your home
  • No soldering required and fully reversible - ideal for novice and pro modders!


Improved light kit

  • Enhanced light kit is able to light up independent of the front screen!
  • Lights up whenever front screen turns on, but stays on for 15 seconds after front screen is turned off!
  • Lights up while you are holding the phone up to your face and are having a phone conversation, even when front screen is turned off.
  • Lights up when there is an incoming call, an SMS is received or the phone alarm is ringingg
  • Lights up if any background applications are detected to be sending or receiving data during the iPhone's standby mode
  • No noticable impact on battery life
  • Stays on indefinitely while charging
  • Evenly distributed, Pure White logo illumination (just like on a MacBook!)
  • No affect on camera functions

Color available:

  • Black
  • White

    ::Required Tools for Installation::

    • Phillips-head Screw Driver (included)
    • Pentalobe Screw Driver (included)
    • 3M sticker (included)
    • Forceps (included)
    • Scissors


    ::Installation Steps::

    1. Remove the 2 screws flanking the iPhone's dock connector port
    2. Slide open and remove the rear panel
    3. Remove the 5 screws near the flash
    4. Lift up the power connector of the screen
    5. Position the light panel, then connect and mount it using the 3M sticker (details will be provided after purchase)
    6. Replace the 5 screws near the flash
    7. Slide on the included rear panel with the transparent logo (so that the light is visible through it)
    8. Replace the 2 remaining screws flanking the dock connector port


    ::Designed For::


    • iPhone 4
    • iPhone 4S / CDMA




    • Outer Face Plate - Tempered Glass
    • Inner Mounting Frame - Plastic
    • Screw Parts - Metal Alloy
    • Camera Lens Cover - Clear Glass (same quality as original for great photos every time!)


    ::Package details::

    1 x Back Panel with the color and logo of your choice for your iPhone device:

    - Color : Black or White

    - Device : for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S / CDMA

    - Logo : Original or SJ Tribute

    • 1 x Luminescence Kit
    • 1 x Phillips-head Screw Driver
    • 1 x Pentalobe (Five-Point Star) Screw Driver
    • 1 x 3M sticker
    • 1 x Forceps



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